A step change is needed if we are to meet carbon reduction targets for avoiding dangerous climate change. Scientific consensus and projections are overwhelming and are starting to be matched by consensus from business leaders. However a critical component will be the skills agenda and increasing the demand for confident and active environment and sustainability professionals.

A ‘perfect storm’ of mega trends from ongoing decline in ecosystems and natural capital to increasing extreme weather events and climate change commitments are starting to impact on economies and forcing some companies to rethink business models. Within this maelstrom, Climate Change stands as an urgent priority – A rallying point for those seeking transformational change and working to bring ‘long term’ thinking into decision making here and now.

This position statement brings together critical policy calls from our members to help them pursue this transformational change. Environment and sustainability professionals are making a vital contribution within businesses, organisations and communities. Fundamental will be ‘climate leadership’ and at all levels from Government through to the individual. IEMA is committed to working with these professionals (our members) supporting their work on the urgency, strategic need and on the business case for action.

Please read this IEMA statement and the policy calls from our members.

Share your experiences, work with us to influence Government and decision makers, help us build our on-line resources for action and new partnerships on this most critical issue of our times.